The Mission
According to International Energy Agency, the transportation sector accounts for one-fourth of the global energy-related CO2 emissions. Mobility professionals are the driving force motivating the convergence of vehicles, energy grids, supply chains, and communications networks (IEA, 2021).

Government and industry are increasingly turning to new technology to support a cleaner and more efficient world. And, to meet the goal of net zero emissions, the businesses and individuals involved require a complete transformation in R&D and process standardization.

As the oldest and largest organization for engineers in the aerospace and ground vehicle sectors, SAE International is continuing to support industry through Sustainable Mobility Solutions. We’re bringing together the latest technical research, training, and expertise to address the most pressing problems in the transportation ecosystem.

SAE’s Sustainable Mobility Solutions is committed to leading you through the many unanswered questions around:
•  Best practices,
•  Safety protocols,
•  Workforce development.

We’re here to support your growth as you lead the way to net zero emissions.

Focus Areas

We’re developing comprehensive, data-driven research, technical reports, training, and standards vital to achieving net zero emissions.

Electric Vehicle Charging Icon

EV Charging Infrastructure

Charging reliability and a secure transfer of data are essential to building trust with the consumer. So, we’re partnering with experts to study session data and develop a framework for charging infrastructure and an open PKI for global industry. The work of technical and policy leadership from more than a dozen leading organizations, including ChargePoint, Department of Energy, Rivian and Tesla, Electrify America, and more, will lead to an equitable solution for all industry.

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Battery Lifecycle

With an increased adoption of electric vehicles, more and more battery components are being developed. We’re taking a closer look at a system-wide perspective that enables all stages from production to end-of-life processes.

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Workforce Development

With the global shift to a cleaner, more sustainable world, government and industry are prioritizing roles in sustainable mobility. SMS provides training opportunities, job postings, and industry trends and helps individuals stay informed and connected to relevant resources. Additionally, SMS facilitates skill-building through SAE's learning management system and delivers educational content and assessments to enhance the knowledge and competencies of workers in the sustainable mobility sector.


SAE Sustainable Mobility Career Center (Newly Launched)

Your dedicated resource for sustainable mobility jobs. View Career Resources and industry articles, browse featured jobs, receive alerts when new jobs appear, view upcoming events and more!

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Learning Network & Resources

Team dynamics and roles will continue to evolve as consumers adopt EV. We’re here to help you prepare your team and provide resources to learn and grow.

EVSE: The Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Technician Certification

The Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Technician Certification will verify the skills and knowledge of technicians who maintain, repair, and operate electric vehicle charging stations, ensuring that they possess the requisite skills and knowledge to perform their jobs and advance in their careers.

SAE/InnoEnergy Battery Academy

Over 22 On-Demand courses and 85 learning modules. Over 100 hours of content. Encompasses the entire battery lifecycle including raw materials, active materials, cell manufacturing, battery packs & systems, application & integration, recycling & second life.


SAE SmartBrief

Delivering up-to-the-day news and trends to your inbox, SAE SmartBrief keeps you in the know with aggregated content from over 50 vetted and verified media and web sources all in one place.

Now publishing 5 days per week, the new Tuesday/Thursday editions focus on sustainability news and the world’s epochal shift toward technologies resulting in clean, alternative energy and sustainable mobility.

SAE Tomorrow Today Podcast, with Frank Menchaca

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Learning & Network Resources

Team dynamics and roles will continue to evolve as consumers adopt EV. We’re here to help you prepare your team and provide resources to learn and grow.

Trainings (Coming Soon)

Intro to the EV Infrastructure: Standards, Regulations, & Safety Practices
Cybersecurity for EV Charging (Hardware & Software)
Safety Principles for Medium and High Voltage EV Charging


White House mentions Sustainable Mobility Solutions for partnership with ChargerHelp! to assist in the EV charging workforce development for the next generation of EVSE Maintenance Technicians

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